FIFA 21: Pervis Estupiñán Got a Future Stars Card in FUT

Pervis Estupiñán just received a Future Stars card in FIFA Ultimate Team. Estupiñán is one of the most promising left-backs today and has a great projection that, according to many experts, will make him one of the best in the world in the future.

This player fulfills almost all the important attributes to perform correctly in his position and can be a great option for your team. Therefore, we already warn you that you can buy FUT 21 Coins online at FUTEAMGO with real money if you want to add it to your team as quickly as possible.

Estupiñán is an extremely fast defender.

Without a doubt, the greatest virtue of Estupiñán Future Stars is his great speed. If we apply Shadow as a chemistry style, this card reaches the maximum pace rating and turns it into a real bullet that will go from box to box in a matter of seconds with his 89 points of stamina.

However, this card only has 77 interception points and 80 intelligence points. This makes him very vulnerable defensively and unable to intercept filtered passes from opposing attackers, although he will be able to recover quickly with his great speed.

The problem is that Estupiñán does not even intercept passes that pass relatively close to him, so he can be a real headache in the defensive phase if you are not careful when you try to anticipate a pass from the opposing team.

On the other hand, the Ecuadorian is very solid when they try to overcome him. Estupiñan Future Stars has 90 steal points, 90 sweep points and 84 strength points, which make him a fairly strong defender and difficult to beat even if the forward is very fast.

Estupiñán Future Stars is good offensively, but he could improve.

The offensive conditions of Estupiñán FS are very good. He has 89 short passing points, which will allow him to throw good passes and not lose excess balls. In addition, due to his speed, he will always accompany the extreme and will be shown as a clear option of attack.

However, this card only has 70 vision points. This implies that it will be difficult for him to throw filtered passes between the opposing defense and that many of them could be intercepted and become into a counterattack by the opposing team.

In this regard, cards like Mendy and Acuña are more reliable, as they are better at throwing filtered passes and building attack plays. Estupiñán is stronger, but Mendy and Acuña have better technique.

As for his dribbling, Estupiñán has only three stars of skillful movements. He has 89 agility points and all of his attributes in this area exceed 82 points, so he is very reliable with the ball at his feet.


Estupiñán Future Stars has a good price and is a good purchase if we take into account its qualities. Currently, this card can be obtained with just 13,000 coins.

Beyond the fact that he can improve in certain aspects, this card from Estupiñán can fulfill the role of a left back very well, especially if he is accompanied by a good center-back who is quick in interceptions and can cover his back.

Without a doubt, it is a very good card to have in an emergency.

FIFA 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.